ChemBio Online School

What is the ChemBio School?
Greetings! My name is Alexandra Khokhlova and I am the founder of the online school of biology. I am a biochemist, graduated from the biological faculty of Moscow State University. For over 20 years I have been doing what I love.

I worked in scientific and clinical research, created a social network for doctors, and had time to train in Germany and Switzerland. Now I am realizing my old dream - I run an online ChemBio school for children and their parents. This is an incredible world where every day brings new discoveries not only about nature, but also about ourselves.
Kids Writting Letters
Our community has a lot of children and parents from around the world. It would be great for all these kids to write real living letters in different languages to each other.

It's very simple, interesting and fun. Just imagine, you open the mailbox, and there you will find a letter, real, on paper. We organized a WhatsApp group for mutual admiration and exchange of impressions. Hope we enjoy it. Join us))
Why am I doing it?
At the Outbound ChemBio Schools, we had a lot of wonderful teachers in languages, mathematics, handicrafts, languages. We also deal with some of the teachers online. I want to give all of us a chance to create a community where we can learn what matters to us. I would very much like to be able to study with the most interesting teachers and give this opportunity to you.
What are we creating?
I want to create a community where children can study together not only chemistry and biology, but also other subjects and interesting activities. I am ready to create a system, help administer it, but ideally this community should develop itself. I really want to be replaceable in it)

Who organizes the classes?
I can create a system for planning and organizing classes. We create simple rules for how to arrange classes. Gather some of the groups where I will take part. Find administrators if necessary. But I count on the activity of the participants themselves. I cannot do for you, ideally I should be replaceable.

Dear teachers, if you want to teach classes, please connect me by Whatsupp (+79035021505, Aleksandra)  so I can post your announcements.

Keep in touch

Follow me on social media. There is a lot of interesting, useful and funny things about biology and not only. This is often in Russian, but I will add English.